Finding the WHY and understanding the HOW, making it an intrinsic motivation, is discovering Infinite Possibilities. Creating platforms for passion driven individuals aiming towards success with efficiency and effectiveness. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching as well as many power tools and techniques to catalyse and empower individuals towards greater heights of achievements.


Successful organizations recognize that customer satisfaction is a result of a series of interconnected causes and disciplines and that customer loyalty drives profitability as well as growth. These positive experiences encourage a customer to champion for an organization. This module begins with helping you take 100% responsibility for yourself and the attitude you convey. Your attitude shows every time you come in contact with a customer. The challenge is to maintain a friendly, low pressure and high service environment for your customers and to keep yourself motivated, productive and service-oriented throughout the day.

Maintain a friendly, positive and enthusiastic outlook. Content-Based Materials Lecture
See things from multiple points of view. Open-minded. Demonstrate flexibility when faced with changes at work. Audio/Visual Aids
Maintain a friendly, positive and enthusiastic outlook. Content-Based Materials Lecture
See things from multiple points of view. Open-minded. Demonstrate flexibility when faced with changes at work. Audio/Visual Aids
Build on positive experiences to create customer loyalty and long-term relationships. Negotiations and Case-Studies
Differentiate between positive and negative stress. Maintain a balanced attitude. Practical Activities
Display a consistent ability to build solid relationships inside and outside the organization. Discussion
Practice active listening supported with meaningful oral and written information. Role-Plays and Presentations
Consistently direct situations and inspire people for an all-win environment. Featuring Simulated Scenarios


When you want to sell ice to an Eskimo, you're going to have to first think like an Eskimo. Know your product, inside out. Understand your customer. Remove all competition. Make the sale. Pat yourself on your back.

There are many ways to close a sale and each technique has its own value and "time and place" to be most effective.

Understand the different techniques of closing Content-Based Materials Lecture
Provide better insight to closing of sales Audio/Visual Aids
Strengthen Skills and Confidence in the Sales Workforce Negotiations and Case-Studies
Demonstrating efficiency in the techniques Practical Activities
Communicate Effectively with Co-Workers and Clients Discussion
Enhance Efficiency and Customer Sale Service Role-Plays and Presentations
Overcoming the barrier to closing sales Featuring Simulated Meetings


People experience stress when they do not believe that their resources for coping with obstacles are enough for what the circumstances demand. When we think the demands being placed on us exceed our ability to cope, we then perceive stress Stress management aims to control a person's levels of stress for the purpose of improving everyday functioning
Realize the importance of stress management
Perception is projection
Strategies to manage stress
Breathing hard for good reason
Quality of life
Understanding the cause and effects of stress
Internal motivation

VGVGY When was the last time you had a side splitting, eyes watering, good hearty laugh? In a challenging situation, have you ever wished you could pause time, take a step back, get some air and you know you’ll be better prepared to face it? There is an easy way to do so… to be in a better state… nothing required except an open mind and a desire to be happy…


This program provides a holistic form of grooming and image to the participants where they learn to easily transform their image, looks and confidence level. The intention is to be in line with the positive transformation of the whole organization. This program will be excellent for those who want to learn how to carry themselves professionally at work, during meetings, when meeting with local and international clients, at events and how they project their image
Understand the importance of change
Understand the importance of transformation of oneself
Learn the tools to improve his or her image
Learn techniques to empower oneself
Learn techniques for breaking limitations
Improve his or her image with confidence
How to deal with people at various occasions

This course will be conducted via mini-lectures, discussion, exercises and role play, with grooming, transformation, imagery, enhancement and colours.


The key to driving results largely depends on the way we communicate However, mastering effective communication has always been one of the greatest challenges for most organization, the customer fronting groups. While the basic dynamics of communication has been the subject of most training modules, the advancement of technology has taken this topic to another more complicated level. In the eyes of competition, the ability to influence and sell is pivotal in getting results and sustaining the competitive advantage.

This program is designed to give a fresh perspective to communication in the millennium era, while raising the awareness of those who need to manage the present working generation.

It anchors on some basic rules that were used by some world class communicators, simple yet effective when used in the right context. It helps to raise the level of awareness that communication in the advancement of technology has to be faster where precision is key. The profitability of an organization rests on the effective and punch line communication of the staff.

Understand the effects of technological advancement on communication and how to handle the situation. Icebreaker Session, Real-Time Case Studies (Examples not Samples)
Understand the dynamics and mindset of the present working generations. Experiential Learning & Role Plays
Understand the basic dynamics of communication and its evolution and devolution in the millennium era. Videos & Games, Participative Discussion & Exercises
Apply basic rules proven to be effective in raising their communication level to the next level.
Apply the basic rules to improve influencing and selling skills
Apply the basic success principles in effective communication to stand out in competition.



Connie Lim

Coach and trainer

Connie has more than 15 years of experience in Experiential Education, Outdoor Adventure Learning, Profiling, Coaching and has been delivering training within South East Asia Region (Hong Kong, Singapore, China & Thailand)

Connie believes in the holistic approach to training, where she believes that Leadership capabilities work well hand in hand with Empathy. Connie believes when one is faced with obstacles or challenges, the desired response one would have is ‘okay, so life threw me a curve ball, now what can I learn from this and move forward?’. Making mistakes are part of our lives, learning from our mistakes is turning it into a lesson. The learning from mistake to lesson should be followed by enhancing, which is known as experience.

Coleman Chin


Coleman is a highly motivated Corporate Trainer with vast experience in the business world. He was in the land surveying and construction industry for thirty years, with twenty of those years successfully managing his own company.
One of the roles he found most rewarding while running his company was the training of new employees and being a part of their professional journey. That enabled him to be a witness to infinite possibilities and the vast potential that people possess, and how the key to that potential lies within oneself. Therefore he has always been an advocate for change and being better versions of oneself.

And by fully embracing change, he left the construction industry to pursue his passion to impact lives full time. He has been in the corporate training industry for the last 6 years, specialising in personal and team development as well as team building programs with a range of clients from SMEs, MNCs and GLCs.
He is passionate about change management, building relationships, personal development and is a keen outdoorsman.

Ernest Balasingam


A partner at Messrs Gibb & Co Advocates & Solicitors in Ipoh. He specializes in employment law and general litigation. His legal practise extends beyond the courtroom and he has spent the last eight years in right-sizing of companies through rationalisation of their work force.

He is a strong believer and an advocate for training as he believes compliance and regulatory are the best safeguards to effective litigation.

His zest for life extends beyond the legal arena. He has been participating in triathlons for 30 years, with the last 6 years involved in bicycle touring to raise money for the marginalized and underprivileged.
He strongly believes that the outdoors is life’s best teacher, and today spends time encouraging people to live outside their comfort zones.

Ann Wee


Ann graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management (Honors), from the University of Northumbria, United Kingdom. She is a PSMB and MIM certified trainer and has also completed The AsiaWorks Basic Training, Advanced Course and Leadership program. In addition, she has a Professional Image Certification by Emage Style Consultancy an affiliation with Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

While at university, Ann was active as part of the committee in the cultural society and various college plays where she represented her college in community services and in organising events.

Her passion was ignited when she was involved with the Pilot Programme of the National Service here in Malaysia. She was inspired to see a better future generation. A generation that believes in themselves, that has the courage to succeed in spite of the challenges that may come.

Ann was directly involved with the styling for shows such as the Boh Cameronian Awards night for 3 years in a row and assistant stylist and wardrobe for MUD the Musical.

She has 12 years of working experience in both the government and private sector.In the government sector, she was responsible for evaluating newly recruited trainers through interviews while with the private sector, she was solely responsible for all marketing and sales activities of the organization that she was with.

After 6 years being in the private sector, Ann pursued her passion of helping people to be better version of themselves, by joining a training organization where she handled and managed sales. Her work has given her the opportunity and experience to handle marketing activities, sales operations and manage a sales team.

As an entrepreneur, she helps people find out what style works for them and is passionate that everyone can look and feel their best within their budget. With her flair and charm when dealing with people, Ann is on a mission to train, motivate and inspire the next generation by building their self-esteem and personal branding.

Ann has imparted her knowledge and expertise to many well-established organisations and corporate companies, namely

  • Maybank
  • Tesco Malaysia
  • IBM
  • Guiness Anchor Berhad
  • DELL
  • Grey Worldwide Sdn Bhd
  • Nestle Malaysia
  • Reckitt Benkiser
  • Media Prima
  • Samsung Corning (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
  • Berjaya Sompo
  • International Medical College
  • Malaysia Airports (Niaga) SdnBhd